Absolute Attention brings with it innovative home designs, attention to details, and unparalleled quality and hands-on craftsmanship. 

Creating the perfect balance of charm, character, and personality.

Interpretation of the design and what you, the client, envisions is one of the biggest challenges in creating a truly custom home. This is something the custom home industry as a whole contends with and it is something Monterey Design eliminates. 

We do this through our dedication to understanding and actually listening to you. We bring you a personalized approach to the design and building process.


We understand the importance of communication in order to get a project started and keep it progressing smoothly; guiding you through the entire project from start to finish.

Open and Consistent COMMUNICATION

EQUALS A Smooth Running, Stress-free Experience for You.


Preliminary Design
Understanding Your Ideas and Your Tastes are paramount to a successful project together! What is your lifestyle like and how will your home compliment it?  While talking we will put together important Personalized Project Criteria that will help us in designing your project, whether it is for personal or commercial use.

Design Development
Once you have approved the conceptual designs, we work with our team of professionals to create preliminary drawings. This is often one of the most exciting steps as it will start bringing your visions to life! From here, revisions are made ensuring your design and project requirements are met and satisfied.

Construction Preparation
Once the plans are approved, it is time to get them structurally engineered to ensure the quality and detail.


We now have the plans in hand, we've worked within your budget and have gone over budgeted costs with you.

Throughout the project, we keep a close watch to stay within budget and work with you as the project progresses. As we work the actual costs are shown line-item by line-item and broken down by trade and sub-category, so you know with complete confidence exactly where every dollar is going. 

It is also fun to know the detailed construction time schedule. This provides you with a clear picture of what will be taking place on your project on a weekly and monthly basis; and you get to see all the things that have been done so far.  

From Start to Finish

We Will Keep Open Communications with You

  • Schedule meetings with you throughout the process.

  • Review interior and exterior finish material options with you to make selections

  • Provide updates on the construction progress.

  • Site walk-through’s with you at key points of construction.

  • Your site manager will automatically email you a weekly construction report.