Our philosophy is that a building should elicit excitement, joy, and pleasure as you come into it, or as you live or work in it. A project should be tailored to reflect the personality and lifestyle of its owners and should integrate the interior and exterior spaces with the land and gardens that surround it.


It all starts with good design. 

We listen to your dreams, your desires, and your concerns to design and build the perfect home for you.

We make it easy, effortless, and fun to custom design and build the best home that fits your lifestyle, property, and budget. 

Chad Brown

Chad has over 25 years of construction experience. He spent 15 years working for Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Builders as a designer and project manager. He spent 10 years in the trades building luxury homes, commercial projects and residential developments. Chad’s architecture, interior design, engineering background and construction field experience enabled him to quickly move through the ranks in the construction industry. His experience includes multifamily apartments, condominiums, affordable housing, luxury homes, commercial construction, tax credit housing, single family developments, tenant improvements, podium work and rehabilitation projects. He oversees all the Design / Construction Management Activities for the company, along with, estimating, contract review, contract buyout, schedule drafting, and insurance review. As President of the Monterey Design Center Inc., Chad will strive tirelessly to make sure that every step of the project is performed on or ahead of schedule.


Multi-Family Apartments

  • Fountain Plaza Apartments – 160 units in San Jose, CA

  • Chico low income housing – 100 units in Chico, CA

  • Monterey Hotel - 18 units in Monterey, CA

  • Franklin St. - 18 units in Monterey, CA


Multi-Family Condos and Townhomes

  • Barneson Townhomes – 7 units in San Mateo, CA

  • Cannery Row – 7 units Monterey, CA

  • Foothill – 6 units in San Mateo, CA

  • Lighthouse - 10 units in Pacific Grove, CA


Single Family Residences

  • Linden Residence – 7,000 SF Pebble Beach, CA

  • Lee Residence – 5,000 SF Pebble Beach, CA

  • Flores Residence- 5,000 SF Pebble Beach, CA

  • Daniels Residence – 4,000 SF Prundale, CA

  • Franich Residence – 5,000 SF Carmel, CA

  • Montoya Residence- 2,500 SF Carmel, CA

  • Gold Residence – 5,500 SF Carmel Valley, CA

  • Brown Residence- 1,700 SF Monterey, CA

  • Silverie Residence – 7,000 SF Monterey, CA

  • Staes Residence – 4,000 SF Sonoma, CA

  • Morgenrath Cabin – 2,000 SF Big Sur, CA

Remodels, Kitchen & Bath

  • Giannini Residence – Carmel Valley, CA

  • Storm Residence – Salinas, CA

  • Harris Residence – Carmel, CA

  • Hoskins Residence – Carmel, CA

  • Barry Residence – Carmel Valley, CA

  • Fernandez Residence – Carmel Valley, CA

  • Herro Residence – Carmel Valley


Commercial Rehabilitation

  • Carmel Presbyterian Church Remodel - 16,000 SF modernization in Carmel, CA

  • Robert’s Auto Repair-3,000 SF Remodel in Monterey, CA

  • Chico Creek Nature Center-5,000 SF Remodel in Chico, CA

  • Between the Covers Book Store – 3,000 SF Remodel in Telluride, CO



Bachelor of Arts, emphasis in Architecture and Construction Management

Arizona State University


IOTA Honors in Construction Management


Construction of a Medical Clinic - San Vicente, Mexico
Rehabilitation of a Homeless Shelter – Los Angeles, CA
Construction of an Elders Home – Navajo Reservation, AZ